Thousands of passengers scammed by FLY ROMANIA Airlines

Several thousands of passengers got scammed by FLY ROMANIA, a low-cost Romanian airline, part of Ten Airways group, owned by Ovidiu Tender, one of Romania’s richest businessman. His reputation, controversial for many businesses in the past, has more to suffer, after thousands of people paid airline tickets and never been refunded after 99% of the flights were cancelled.


The most had to suffer those who have not even been announced by the cancelation of the flights and found their vacation or business trips ruined, after paying for accomodation and other travel arrangements they never had the chance to enjoy.

The illegal part is that Fly Romania does not comply at all with the obligations it has as imposed by the European Commission Regulation 261/2004.

On the Facebook page of Fly Romania there are thousands of complaints from people who purchased tickets and the flights where cancelled, while the airline did not offer them any alternatives nor offered the legal reimbursement.

Fly Romania refuses to answer the complaint emails and keep their call-center phone lines busy all the time, so the passengers cannot get in touch with their representatives. Fly Romania has no representatives to talk to on any of the airports it pretends it operates. In the lucky case somebody answers the phone, the scammed passenger gets evasive answers or fairy-tales that never come true.

Fly Romania refuses to make public the exact number of people who bought ticktes since airline’s opening on Mat 15th, 2014. Also they refuse to discolse the number of people who were not reimbursed for the cancelled flights. The same situation stands for those who found themselves with luggage and family in the airport, ready to fly, but no plane was in the air nor any advance notice of cancelation has been made by the company.

To read the thousands of complaints go to the company’s Facebook page:

The official website of the company is still online, but no reservation can be made anymore. In any case here it is the link, just for other people to avoid this very unpleasant situations:

The Romanian and the international press as well as the administrations and managers of the airports who are supposed to operate the Fly Romania unexisting flights avoid to make any comments or reports. The same silence comes from all Romanian authorities from the Ministry of Transportation, National Police and the National Authority for Customers Rights. None of these state authorities seem to notice any illegal activity of Fly Romania not take any action to stop the scamming.

The people who got scammed by Fly Romania are invited to contact us at and to joj the Facebook group “Don’t Fly Romania” at

We shall keep you posted on the following actions and news about this illegal commercial operation.

On June 6th, the website announced that:

Fly Romania cancels 65 percent of flights due to low demand

Fly Romania has announced the cancellation of 88 out of 138 flights with effect from June 1 until June 15. Romania’s Aeronews quotes airline officials as stating the move was due to commercial reasons.

Among the individual flights cancelled include those routed from Bucharest Otopeni, Tulcea, and Timisoara in Romania to Antalya, Milan Orio al Serio, Genoa, Frankfurt Hahn, Palermo, Reus, and Verona, writes

On May 20, Fly Romania started operating domestic and international flights with services from Timisoara to Bucharest (6X-weekly) and Verona (3X-weekly).

The airline announced then that it eventually plans to operate from three Romanian bases—Timişoara Traian Vuia International, Henri Coanda International in Otopeni and Danube Delta Tulcea Airport—and fly to a number of destinations in Italy, Spain, Germany and Turkey.”

But what Fly Romania refuses is to inform and reimburse the people who purchased flight ticktes so far, even if some people bought ticktes for August as early as April 2014.