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Level 4 course in Gladius series of 5 High risk courses in Kurdistan

  • Mountains Kurdistan
  • Level 4 course in Gladius series of 5 High risk coursesCourse held at our own base in the mountains of Kurdistan.

    Professional instructors from Russia with at least 25 years experience from Soviet/Russian Security services, Spetsnaz, Russian Interior Ministry

    A 7 day course.

    Max participants – 10

    Registration fee: €3500

    Participation confirmed on:

    2 Photos and copy of passport
    Payment of deposit fee

    Copy of photos and passport to be sent to: base@russiancombatcenter.com

    To guarantee your place on course please pay directly:

    Payment is to be completed through International Bank Transfer.
    Bank: SWEDBANK
    IBAN SE33 8000 0845 2590 4668 5203
    Bankens BIC SWEDSESS
    Account holder: Russian Combat Center – T.Taylor


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