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We are pleased to offer you the PRIVATE OPS MAGAZINE – February/March issue, in both single-page and double-page styles.

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Crucial IEDs + Intelligence modules added to online Terrorism Course

logo_homepage_banner Saint Andrews

Crucial IEDs + Intelligence modules added to online Terrorism Course


The renowned Terrorism Studies online course from the University of St Andrews has launched two new study options in IEDs and Terrorism Intelligence.  Both modules are delivered by tutored online elearning which is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and offers flexible study for professionals in the policing, security, military and civilian communities.

The IEDs module explores the growing range of threats from the terrorist weapon of choice in military and civilian arenas, along with how they are dealt with and prevented via counter-IED technology.  As well as exploring the technologies of IEDs, the course examines differing IED strategies, such as comparing Al Qaeda suicide mass killings with the IRA aiming primarily at specific targets, and then how terrorists use supply chains to obtain the explosives and components for IEDs.  Emerging threats, including improvised thermobaric weapons and electromagnetic pulse (EMP) IEDs are considered, along with IED intelligence, detection, forensics and the challenges in dealing with evolving devices, such as improvised CBRN IEDs

The new intelligence course investigates the rapid increase in the study and use of intelligence in counter-terrorism operations.  It carefully analyses the use of intelligence in decision making, the challenges encountered, how it is used by the terrorists themselves, different types of intelligence and its future.  Policy decisions are explored along with processes and structure of intelligence communities.  Important, and very topical, issues of law and human rights, including privacy, data protection and freedom of information are studied along with comparisons between political, military, commercial, economic and ‘cultural’ intelligence, before considering the use of the internet and cyber intelligence in the future.

The course is extremely popular with military personnel either placed on the course by their units or as individuals looking to boost their present or future career options, with many using ELC funding (provider no 2035).  Full course details are easily accessible via the course website at


Delivered by the Handa Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (CSTPV) at the University of St Andrews in a partnership with IBC Academy, the course has enrolled over 4,300 students over the last 7 years, with many students returning to study additional optional modules due to the excellence of the course and the international networks of high quality fellow participants they come into contact with via the discussion forums.

The CSTPV was founded in 1994 and is Europe’s oldest Centre for studying terrorism, and one of the world’s leading institutions for understanding the subject in a practical as well as academic manner.   CSTPV is dedicated to the study of the causes, dynamics, characteristics and consequences of terrorism and related forms of political violence, with rigorous, evidence-based, scholarly analysis that is policy-relevant but independent.

The Certificate and Advanced Certificate offer a high quality but flexible study choice for professionals.  Full details of course and study options can be found at by email to or by calling +44 (0)20 3377 3210 / +1 (646) 957 8929.